Why Do Photographers Love the Fujifilm X100V Camera?

The X100 series of cameras from Fujifilm has long been loved for offering both excellent image quality and a uniquely fun and inspiring shooting experience. So, why are photographers so loyal to the X100 series after all these years? This excellent video comparison looks at how the camera compares to the Sony a7 IV and why, despite some disadvantages, one photographer still prefers the X100V. 

Coming to you from Chris Turner Photographer, this great video review compares the Fujifilm X100V to the Sony a7 IV and discusses why the X100V might be preferable for many. The X100 first started as a quirky and fun if not somewhat underpowered camera, but in recent iterations, it has gained a lot of capabilities without losing that shooting experience that endeared it to so many creatives. Even though I am normally not a fan of fixed prime lens cameras, I really enjoyed using it in my review; it is that rare piece of equipment that inspires you to get out and shoot and try new things, and that can make a legitimate difference in your creativity. Certainly, it is worth a look for most photographers. Check out the video above for Turner's full thoughts on the camera. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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I got hold of my 100v before the hype from tiktok and YT, For myself personally its not about superb optics and how fast the auto focus is. The camera is a "Fun" camera to use, At first it was to replace my film cameras as the price of film and processing , i dont have to think about what lens im going to take with me or if im going to have the right settings etc. all i have to think about is the composition and hitting the shutter button.

Ive been overseas twice no in 2023 "thanks aussie covid restrictions and inflated prices" and both times ive taken my Z7 and my X100V. both times ive used the fuji the majority of the time.

hype aside its the most ive enjoyed a camera in a long time.

Watching videos pontificating about the X100v is an exercise in frustration. You can't buy one (without grossly overpaying), so it's pointless to want one. It's just never in stock, even 3 years after introduction. Why did this camera disappear from camera store shelves?

I think Fuji stopped production due to the huge amount of orders backlogging the system and not being able to meet demand. Correct me if im wrong but one of the Fuji members stated that even after halting orders it would take over a year to fulfill the backorders. I do agree though the markets is highly over inflated for these cameras now and its more a supply and demand price rather then what that camera is actually worth. I absolutely love mine but would i pay $3000aud for it? absolutely not. think i paid $1,600aud brand new iirc.

As far as the videos about them. while i love the attention and all the new simulations etc people are creating, i will admit its adding to the hype.

Hype? Hmmm! I bought a Fuji X100s back in 2013 and it has been my go to camera ever since. Having worked as a professional photographer I have bought & sold a room full of Canon gear and have now defected to Sony. The one camera I have kept is the Fuji. The picture quality is great. It is small, light and has travelled around the world with me for years. I won the title of Photographer of the Year with a UK regional newspaper a while back. Despite having a fortune in pro gear, the winning photo was taken with my Fuji X100s.

its a fantastic camera. i've had it since it came out (way before the hype)
controls are great, output is fantastic straight out of the camera. it just works.


I get the same feeling using my Olympus EM5ii with a 17mm f2.8 attached. It's so light and compact and just a pleasure to take photos with. I think the same can be done with the Fuji X-E3 or a XT series camera.

Because you can flex that you have one in YouTube videos lol

I’m still using my 100S as my travel camera. The fixed focus forces you to think differently, it tends to guide me to take different pictures too. With my Canon DSLR I zoom and crop, here I rather move myself or just find a wider composition that works.
It’s also a less imposing camera. In street photography people don’t feel uneasy. It also doesn’t attract too much attention of pickpockets and it weighs nothing, easily hidden away in your pocket on locations where you have this no-photography-police… ☺️