Organically Grow Your Instagram

Instagram isn't for everyone, this is true, but if you are looking grow your social media account with viable and engaged followers then this one is for you. 

I get it, Instagram can be a polarizing topic for photographers. I mean, it can be an incredible means fo income for some and an incredible disappointment for others. It seems like the rules, if you can call them that, for making the most of your Instagram account are always changing. Realistically social media for photographers is more akin to playing in the wild west of social media, meaning there really are no rules. What works for someone else does not mean that it will necessarily work for you. It could, it absolutely could work for you, but you will also have to take the time to do your own research and planning for maximizing the content that you really want to create.

That being said, there are individuals out there that have found some patterns that seem to make a difference when it comes to playing the social media game. That is precisely what this video is meant to be, a set of valuable suggestions for how to start making Instagram work for you. Obviously there is no step-by-step playbook for making Instagram work, but these tips might just be the stepping stones you need for taking your Instagram game to the next level. If all else, I found this video to be a good reason to reexamine my own approach to social media, to take a look at what seems to be working and what does not. Knowing what does and doesn't work is actually a great spot to find yourself, it means that you can map out a viable plan for putting your Instagram to work for you.

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Guy Incognito's picture

I would sign up to Insta as someone who would follow other photographers whose work I admire or find interesting - probably a lot of niche or unconventional artists - but I have a real aversion to social media. I especially loathe all of the lifestyle phonies who seemed to have basically turned Insta into a delivery device for modern snake oil.

That, or women in various states of undress, which, while I have no problem with, isn't something I'd want to visit Insta for.

Deleted Account's picture

You can make it what you want. No one forces you to follow accounts that don't align with your interests. besides friends and family, pretty much all of the people I follow are artists that put out work that inspires me to shoot more.

I get why people avoid social media. It can be a source of anxiety and negativity but you get out of it what you put into it. If you only pay attention to interests that inspire you, you'll be fine.

David Penner's picture

For the most part the explore page shows you what you want to see. My explore page is pretty much cars, Dobermans and photography accounts.

Dave Knoernschild's picture

Great Video!

Paul Scharff's picture

I would love Instagram to stop posting the number of followers or even likes to a photo. I talk to so many people who have a "strategy" to increasing their numbers. I'd like to simply see, show, and appreciate good work for its intrinsic value alone.

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Yes! And maybe test a dislike button..