How to Get Skylum Luminar 3 for Free

How to Get Skylum Luminar 3 for Free

If you're looking to try out Skylum Luminar, or just want to own your editing software outright, check out this promotion! By signing up for Skylum's mailing list, you can get a full copy of their editing software, Skylum Luminar, for free.

Skylum Luminar is a leading image editor and photo library, offering all the editing and organization tools an amateur or professional needs. It includes full raw support, support for editing with layers, custom brushes, and more. Even the interface is customizable, letting you easily tailor the tool to your needs.

While Luminar 3 is a slightly older version of the software, the product still offers their powerful AI enhancements, like AI Sky Enhancer and Accent AI 2.0. In addition, you still get access to 70+ Luminar Looks, Luminar's specially crafted presets, which can be adaptively adjusted to just the right degree of change. Luminar also offers easy adjustments to erase stray objects and skin imperfections, all with just a few clicks.

Luminar 3 offers some innovative tools, like the Sunrays feature that uses volumetric lighting to create realistic sunbeams. While the latest tools, like the AI Augmented Sky tool and AI Skin Enhancer, are limited to Luminar 4, which is the newer, paid version, Luminar 3 still represents a great value. If you've not tried Skylum's tools before, this is also a great opportunity to trial their product.

If you want to recieve Luminar 3, you can sign up via this form. If you're interested in getting the latest version, it's available for purchase on Skylum's site.

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Is Luminar 3 any good though? I've been looking to purchase Luminar 4; how do they compare? Anyone out there have both?

I was fairly impressed with Luminar 4's trial version, but I am more its market than most would be anyway.

This version has "Sky Enhance", but not the sky replacement of version 4. It's basically a smart contrast adjustment.

Downloaded. Will try. If I'm happy I'll order the latest version..
Thank you for this post!

There isn't any instructions on receiving Luminar 3....

Read the last line of this article: "If you want to recieve Luminar 3, you can sign up via this form."
Enter your name, enter your email, click the agree box and you're set.
You will receive an email with instructions.. and probably more advertising their latest version =)

Thanks for the assist!

The link is in the last paragraph.

Alex Coleman I purchased Luminar 3 18 months ago. Do you have any inside information if Luminar 4 is going to be free 18 months from now?😂

Magic 8 Ball says: Check back in 18 months. (But for real, I've got no clue.)

Drats. T knew it would have been too got to be true. I watched a video regarding sky replacement in Luminar 4 and the host was impressed...can't remember if it was posted here or else where.

Would like to point out, that the official website for Skylum is
Non of the links in this article points to that address.
The actually points to a website block by my host file.

Then where do they lead to?

"Eventually the links will lead you to
Just have a very strikt setup on my pc."

Edit this post to reflect new information.

I went through the steps. After I filled out the form, I got an email with a link to confirm my email address, which directed to

Fair enough.
Let us know if you get mail from Skylum er from whomever!?

It'll be from Skylum.

It eventually directs you to with fstoppers utm campaign in the link.

When you fill out the form, they send you an email saying "As an Fstoppers subscriber, you’re eligible for a complimentary copy of the award-winning Luminar 3 photo editor. Luminar helps you organize and edit your photos quickly and effortlessly. Enjoy using advanced filters, a smart rating system, and one-click Luminar Looks to speed up your photo editing workflow. " from


Just to track the site source of where the request for FREE Luminar 3 came from. Revenue maker for FStoppers. These types of links are common.

I used the trial of Luminar 4 as I wanted to replace some skies (an airshow in rotten weather) and this freebie might be handy for that kind of thing as the "Sky replacement" tool does a halfway decent job but nothing else works particularly well.
I wouldn't bother with it.

That's been the big feature Luminar offers, but I think it's also a decent bet if you just need to edit some shots quickly, or have a family member that doesn't need to pay full price for any editing software.

Luminar 3 doesn't have sky replace - only sky enhance, which is basically a contrast adjustment

I did end up downloading it. I tried it out yesterday with a batch of photos. From all that I've seen, it isn't a "Lightroom Killer" or anything to that extent, but it is adequate for what I do. I'm not going to be doing world-class edits on it; however, that doesn't detract from its uses.

I filled in the form and submitted but haven't received any email back!

Does it still work?
I have submitted the form, but nothing has come even after few hours of waiting. Checked my spam folder, also nothing.

It say its the Trial Mode

Has anyone tried the Portrait enhancing modules & would your recommend Luminar 4 for that?
If not,any software recommendations for someone just starting with that ? Thanks

I am trying to get to the form page in order to download Luminar 3 and it keeps bringing me to the download page for Luminar 4. I click the blue text that reads "this form" but it takes me back to the Luminar 4 promotion page. Is anyone able to help me with this? am I doing something wrong?

My guess is the promotion is over. It was April when originally announced, so it has been a while.

Damn. Cheers for the reply anyway