What Will Adobe Release Next?

What Will Adobe Release Next?

As photographers and video creators we use post-production and editing applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro. During Adobe Max this year, they gave us a sneak peak of what’s coming, and these videos will show you what to expect.

We need to know what’s coming, and, whether it will affect your career or way of working. It has become easier and cheaper to make incredible changes to an image or video in post, and it will soon be even quicker to do by the looks of things. This could be great for us, but it will also make it possible for everyone to do it too. So, what will you do to adapt and make sure your clients come to you?

The Videos That Indicate the Future of Visual Media:

Project #Allin

It will soon be possible to edit people into images. It’s been possible to do this in Photoshop with some masking and editing, but with the artificial intelligence called Sensei, they’re making it possible to do with a click of a button. This is great for travelers taking snaps, and it’s a little better than taking a selfie.

Project #SoundSeek

During your video editing process, it’ll be possible to search and edit certain similar sounds. This makes it possible to eliminate the “uhm” or “uuh” from your audio in one go. This is very usable and a great time-saver, and will make it possible to rather focus on the editing and making it creatively interesting.

Project #LightRight

This project is working on making it possible to change the lighting of your landscape images. If you’ve taken a shot in the harsh midday sun it’s possible to change and add more complementary shadows. It can use images you took, or it can use Adobe Stock to get a better idea of what the terrain and buildings in the shot is physically like, and make it possible change the angle of the sun in real-time.

Project #AwesomeAudio

This fixes amateur sound to make it more like something we will listen to. We’ve all had videos with terrible sound, and I’ve got a lot of personal projects that never saw the light of day due to the audio not being adequate. This will change that.

Project #Aboutface

Soon it’ll be possible for Adobe’s AI to tell if an image has been edited or manipulated and even provide a heat map to show where it’s been edited. It’s Adobe’s approach to help identify real or fake images.


Adobe has been working hard and are focussing a lot on integrating their AI into their applications. I am excited and also curious to see how it will affect photography or video making in the future.

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Dylan Zoebelein's picture

The organization of the videos versus of the bold "Project #hastag" is kinda backwards.

That being said, the #lightright program looks very promising.

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

And don't forget the customary increase in prices, along with bogus disclaimers............

Dan Donovan's picture

It's ironic for Adobe to promote the future when the can't handle the current when it comes to photography: Photoshop on the iPad and Lightroom. I'm not sure how users of their other products feel about the current status.

davidlovephotog's picture

"Adobe’s approach to help identify real or fake images."They are working hard on a tool that removes retouching work that you bought Photoshop to do in the first place so super smart as usual. I look forward to all the images on social calling every image out ever and making people really hate using Adobe stuff.

I really like the new pretend she's my girlfriend and help me fake a photo album of pics of us together. Stalking is fun.

But really look out for the next 8 versions of Photoshop with better and better remove a cow from your pic stuff. Still doesn't get it right as they'd have you believe but only way to justify subscription model.

Ignore little things like the ability to make anchor points in the pen tool larger. (anchor points, not the lines.)

Les Sucettes's picture

I don’t understand the need for new things. Just fix Lightroom’s abysmal RAW converter and don’t make Photographers pay for all the fancy 3D stuff you are creating. It’s all good you are innovating where there is room to innovate just make the people who actually use these innovations pay and don’t sell a new filter or tool as “innovation” just to be able to charge us $1200 over five years subscription.

All we really need is maintenance.
OK and an iPad app that can handle RAW and Actions and Droplets(!)