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Elinchrom and Red Bull Are Teaming Up for a New Ambassador Program

Elinchrom is joining forces with Red Bull to offer the best action photographers with reliable and robust flashes. It will translate into more behind-the-scenes content and inspirational content for all of us as well.

Many Red Bull photographers have been relying on the Swiss lighting manufacturer for a long time, but the relationship had never been entirely official until today. Both brands are teaming up with an ambassador program for action photographers.

The goal is to push the art of photography further by helping some of the best image creators out there to get access to all the gear and support they need to come up with innovative pictures. It may not sound very appealing for the rest of us, but the press release mentions that this partnership aims to help educate action photographers as well. Let’s hope this will translate into more content such as what’s available on the Elinchrom Adventure School.

I can’t wait to see the work of Michael Clark, Chris Garrison, Lucas Gilman, Garth Milan, Christian Pondella, Jaanus Ree, or Samo Vidic with the Elinchrom gear and share all of their behind-the-scenes footage here.

For more information on the partnership between Elinchrom and Red Bull, please visit the Elinchrom website. And to get an idea of what Red Bull photographers create, be sure to take a few minutes to go through their galleries. Also, if you are a Red Bull photographer, be sure to apply to the ambassador program.

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LA M's picture

Lucas Gilman....aces

Johnny Rico's picture

Hey I just had to repair one of my Rotlux' boxes with a roll of Aluminum Foil Tape! and they didnt even bother to respond to my support ticket when I contacted them 2 weeks ago.

Don Fadel's picture

I'd agree that Elinchrom's support is non-existent, at least here in the US. I too have opened a ticket and never heard back.

Jeff Lazell's picture

Hey Don, like I said to Johnny Rico I really do apologize that we've failed you. Please contact me direct at jeffl@macgroupus.com so I get your issue resolved.

Johnny Rico's picture

Jeff Lazell I'd rather keep this in a public manner for the moment, since that appears to be the only way to get answers. It's a two part question I have,

Does the replacement part "Reflective Cloth for 39" Rotalux Deep" MFR # EL 26219 come with any form of manufacture warranty? (authorized reseller, B&H)

Do the reflective cloths on the 39" deep octa age out?

This will be the 3rd one I've had peel on me, and I've gotten maybe 3 years of what I would consider a very easy life. Most of the time left set up in a studio environment. Everything I've read online, on various forums, reference bad batches of glue as the cause. If that is the case, why has this happened on all three 39" deep octa's I've owned? Is there anything Elinchrom is willing to do for my out of warranty product (purchased from authorized reseller, B&H)

EDIT: Could it be that it can't handle a 250W modeling light on a Profoto head? (fan cooled). Not listed in specs, but I'd consider that to be industry standard.

Jeff Lazell's picture

Hey Johnny Rico all of products are backed by a 2 year warranty, so yes the replacement cloth would have one as well. As for your specific product questions it is hard for me to tell with out seeing the product or knowing exactly when you bought it, but yes the Rotalux fabric was completely updated about 2-3 years ago which should have fixed your issue. However it is possible you still received an older model from B&H. If you can give me the original purchase date and the sku# if possible (they have changed in the last 1-2 years) I can see what can be done about rectifying the situation, or emailing me a few photos works too.

If you'd like to keep our conversation here that is fine, but would it be possible to at least drop me an email with your real name? I'm having trouble locating your service tickets. Possibly because we do not have access to the United Citizen Federation's databases.....

Jeff Lazell's picture

Hello, I am actually Elinchrom's Brand Manger here in the US. I agree that is totally unacceptable, please accept my apologies. While I try to figure out what went wrong on our end please email me direct at jeffl@macgroupus.com so I can get things straightened out for you.