Red Sox Photographer Michael Ivins Talks Baseball

Now that we are in the thick of the major league baseball season, you are probably going to see a lot more images from the league's best photographers appearing on issues of Sports Illustrated and ESPN. One such photographer is Michael Ivins who is the official photographer for the Boston Red Sox. Check out this little behind the scenes video from the Boston University Today on how Michael captures athletes and creates interesting portraits quickly and on the fly.

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It's Red Sox, not Red Socks :)

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Yeah I posted this from my iPad...silly Apple

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Beyond spelllling matterz, 

Refreshingly simple, straightforward expertise and equally stunning images from so young a photographer

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This is fantastic.  Thank you for this post.  A welcome break from the others.  Not that the others were bad.....

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I would love to do something like - is there internship program?? would be an awesome learning experience for me