Five Awesome Travel Videos Found in the Fstoppers Community

Five Awesome Travel Videos Found in the Fstoppers Community

The Fstoppers Community is home to the many talented readers of this website where we share images and video in our portfolios as well as talk shop in the Discussion Groups. The other day I was going through and watching some of the incredible videos the Community has shared in their portfolios, and here's a selection of some of my favorite travel videos that will have you craving adventure and inspire your own creations.

"Yosemite Lenscape: A Travel Montage" by Jonathan Martin

There's no better place to start than this wild video from Yosemite National Park. There's a reason why Yosemite was the third most visited national park in 2016 with over five million visitors. The epic views and secluded nature are all included in this wonderfully edited video from Martin.

What I Liked: The silky smooth motion of the shots combined with the light piano-driven music work really well against the magnificent, jaw-dropping views shown on screen. The eye-level perspective moving through the landscape makes it really feel like you are there.

"Vindur" by Vadim Sherbakov

Iceland has got to be one of the top photography playgrounds in the world, and its explosion in popularity for the Instagram generation means that you've likely already seen most of the sights that this 40,000 square mile island offers without even leaving your home. However, what is it that makes the art of photography and videography so amazing? It's that every person brings their own vision to a scene and we can have wildly different results.

What I Liked: What Sherbakov managed to do is a convey the feeling of delicacy and respect for the land. Each shot is carefully added in and introduced through calm transitions throughout the video. The solid effort made with the audio mix really puts polish on the final video.

"Postcard from New Zealand" by Andrew Nguyen

We can't talk about photogenic islands without bringing up New Zealand. In this video we see the wonder of the South Island of New Zealand which is home to incredible vistas of mountains and glaciers, often reflected off of pristine lakes.

What I Liked: In this travel video there's a mix of grand landscapes, finer detail compositions, and personal moments with their travel companion. This feels like a really well made video postcard that I think is inspiring for anyone who wants to share their journeys and look back on them for years to come.

"OH, LONDON" by Basti Hansen

Of course travel videos don't always have to be set in the world's best natural landscapes. This video shot by Hansen in London gives a completely different vibe to the genre with his slick editing tricks and a pumped up soundtrack.

What I Liked: Even though this video was made with some pretty serious production work, it still feels distinctly like a travel video rather than being pieced together over a long period of time. Also those bubble shots are way creative and fun.

"Winter Meditations in the Canadian Rockies" by Jason Hatfield

What can I say, I love nature so of course I'm going to feature another travel video set in the great outdoors. Here's a peaceful video shot along the Canadian Rockies inside Banff National Park, Yoho National Park, and the Kootenay Plains.

What I Liked: The visuals are just stunning, and the shot of the train is just so perfect. My heart would be racing dangerously fast if I were Hatfield knowing I was on time and prepared for getting that dream shot. Aside from that, while watching it I was very much inspired by the simplicity. It made me question why I don't spend a little extra time shooting video or time-lapse while I have my compositions all set up anyways for my photo work? It doesn't have to be some crazy video-centric production with a bunch of extra equipment like sliders or gimbals to make an interesting little edit at the end of a trip, and this is a great example of that.

Want to add your own video to your Fstoppers portfolio? Head to your profile page and click the "Add Videos" button to drop in a YouTube or Vimeo link and share it with the Community.

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