Photographer Creates Stunning Conceptual Image in Iceland

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Conceptual photographer and retoucher Anya Anti traveled to Iceland in 2017 to create some extraordinary images. Check out this behind-the-scenes video she created that shows her choice of location and the process of creating her props.

Anti started this Icelandic trip on vacation and had seen images of the crashed, Internet-famous DC-3 plane and felt inspired to create her own artwork there. She wanted to play with the association of the plane crash and her paper plane that she created. When asked about her own interpretation of the image, Anti said she loves to hear her viewers' interpretations instead.

The roads to the location were closed, so they were forced to walk an hour in the icy winds at the break of dawn. When she and her husband arrived at the location, Anti undressed from her winter coat and into her shirt and leather jacket. Her eyes teared up from the wind and cold. Her husband helped her prepare for the image as a crowd of tourists watched the process from behind.

For Anti, photography is more than just her career, it is a reflection of her emotions and views on self expression. She loves starting with a concept and, from there, finding how to tell a story.

To check out more of her work you can visit her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Below, you can see more examples of her stunning images.

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Danielle King's picture

I love Anya's work! I saw her at WPPI this week but didn't get a chance to say hi to her unfortunately.

Alexander Meier's picture

She´s great in what she is doing. A very creativ and inspiring person. I love the cold pastel look of her work and the moods she creates.

Joshua Ball's picture

Wow, she just gained a new fan. Brilliant, emotion-filled work. Thanks for introducing us to her.

Bokeh Master's picture

excellent execution.
few notes- the road to the dc3 crash has been closed off for the last 3-4 years. it's only a 4km walk from the parking spot though.