Proof That Hand Models Are Insane

Does anyone remember the Domino's Pizza "cheese puller" video that we posted a few months back? Well I remember commenting about that lady because she seemed a little crazy. Well she did seem crazy until I saw this interview with Ellen Sirot. We all take our job seriously... but com'on...

After posting this I searched for her name and I found this:

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We all remember the great hand model george costanza. I hope she's the master of her domain.

Holy crap, that lady is crazy! lol

Her hands have not yet turned into a claw

I really wanna comment on this.. but I honestly cant put the words together... man... wow.

this is just nuts, she was stroking her hands like, well..... really creepy lol

She does look like George a bit...

That's EXACTLY the kind of person that should be a hand model. People should be thinking about ways to hire her rather than mocking her.

I don't know what it is, but the her hands seem to have a mind of their own1

though she is crazy it was great to see her parody herself in the third video, she clearly doesn't take herself to seriously.

Yeaahhh.. she's weird. I kept thinking "please woman quit wafting your hands around and put them down while you talk, that's annoying."

It doesn't surprise me that there isn't a ring on her finger.

And here I thought David Duchovny in Zoolander were crazy.. ;-)

On a serious note - cudos to her for having found something she can make a living of...but I wouldn´t marry her. =D

yup she is crazy alright. hehe

It's creepy that she's stroking her hands like an evil villain petting his cat.

Good job my misses does not see this she would never do sod all again lol

Yeah, instantly reminded me of a certain Seinfeld episode!

Thank God she only shows hands on a real shoot. Her acting skills are at zero when they include the head and moving lips. I guess she goes with the theory that any publicity is good publicity.

That was ugly.

Also, I wonder if she ever actually does hand jobs.

FYI: That is not Ellen in the last video. Just a spoof.

Totally insane!!!!!!!!

You all mock her but bet you where looking at those hands all the way through that interview. Mission accomplished I think :p

@Phillip Wilkerson

That was gold Jerry, gold!

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i dont wanna sound mean, but, someone needs a vist to the place with the white padded walls.... needs a bit of shock therapy if u catch my drift.... wow....

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Yes she is a little quirky, different if you will... I don't wanna say crazy. But watching the New York on the Clock interview you have to give it to her for knowing the hell out of her craft. She changes her diet before a shoot and you'll only See her hands! I mean she comes at it with such a professionalism. It's no wonder she is so successful. Many extremely successful, almost goliath's in their industry, are a little quirky. But their dedication/commitment is nearly unmatch. Her face says it all when she says "I'm very serious about what I do, and I don't forget about it for a second." I'd say you'd be crazy not to be as dedicated about something.

is it just me or does it seem kinda creepy how she keeps stroking her own hands. I guess she really LOVES her hands, if ya know what I mean.

Get some damn insurance on your hands, and live a more normal existence. All of Lebron James' value is directly tied to his knees, ankles, elbows...but you don't see him being pushed around in a wheelchair all day...

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So who does all those menial chores for her? Does she feed herself or is that too risky and someone has to cut her food and shove the fork, grapes or chips in her mouth? What about showering? Is someone there 'on-call' to scrub her down or do they just point a hose on her?

Anybody remember David Duchovny's character in "Zoolander"? That is pretty much this lady in about 10 years.

funniest thing ever!
i was in the floor laughing, but protecting my hands at the same time!