[Stop Motion] Fascinating 'Underwater' Stop Motion Video by Hayley Morris

I'm so captivated by this stop motion video by Hayley Morris. She has gone above and beyond, creating a magical world of sea creatures. You will love the vibrant colors and interesting use of textures. It's a brilliantly executed project and definitely worth watching. It was made as a music video for the song ”Bounce Bounce” by Hilary Hahn and Hauschka.

Here's a video that goes shows a little of Hayley sketching and creating sea creatures:

Via: Booooooom

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Unimaginable amount of time and effort to make that film. Awesome accomplishment!

Tobias Solem's picture

Amazing movie, really really, truly crappy music.

Great stop motion, but overall I actually enjoyed the video about her because I didn't feel the music matched that video well. Plus, she's cute.

Sean Shimmel's picture

And, thankfully, not even a peep about Canon vs Nikon.