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About Shavonne Wong

Shavonne Wong is a fashion, beauty, and advertising photographer based in Singapore. She has shot for brands such as Lancome and Sephora and also magazines such as Cosmopolitan Hong Kong and Glamour South Africa. 

Popular Articles from Shavonne Wong

How Photographer Brett Stanley Shot This Underwater Album Cover

In mid-2018, photographer Brett Stanley got a call from Jason Foster, who is the manager for Natalie Mering’s band, Weyes Blood (signed to Sub Pop). Take a moment to go listen to some of their tracks before continuing this story. Or, never mind, stay here! Keep reading!

How I Shot This Pastel Beauty Spread for Female Malaysia

One thing I love the most about my job is to be able to work with hugely talented people in my team. It’s always so inspirational to be around them and never fails to serve as an outstanding learning opportunity.

How I Shot This Natural Beauty Shoot

Beauty can be a lot of fun to shoot and it’s fun to find different ways to light a face in a flattering way. We might not be perfect in real life, but on camera? On camera we can be as perfect as the lighting setup and editing allows us to be! Magic? No. We still need gorgeous models but a great setup certainly helps.

How Per Florian Appelgren Shot L'Officiel Indonesia Beauty Editorial

When Per Florian Appelgren first got the brief from L'Officiel Indonesia, he was excited as shooting styled beauty is his strong suit and he absolutely loved doing it. Being able to work with a top-tier model such as Sara from GirlsClub Management Berlin was also a huge plus point.

Essential Tips to Printing Amazing Photos

Photographer Adam Karnacz is a landscape photographer who loves seeing his work come to life on print. No really, listen to him! May we all be this passionate about something.

How I Shot These Studio Beauty Images

I’ve always loved the color red and the emotions it invokes. I suppose that's the fun thing about backgrounds, props, and general settings in that a color theme can evoke so many different thoughts and emotions. Needless to say the power of a model is critical but what you can create around the model can go a long way in conveying the feel you’re aiming for.

How to Shoot Your Best Milky Way Image

In this video, photographer Saurav Sinha shares how to capture stunning Milky Way images. Astrophotography can be a lot of fun, but it comes with its own set of challenges, which is reasonable considering your subject is literally out of this world.