Behind The Scenes Video And Virtual Tour With Larry Perez

We here at Fstoppers are all about 'Behind The Scenes'. We are dedicated to finding the best behind the scenes content for your viewing pleasure. Most photographers usually have their videographer buddies film their shoots for videos, but Larry Perez and the people over at Kanga Marketing went a step further. They created two virtual tours of their shoot for the 2013 Pinch a Penny catalog.

For the shoot he used a Nikon D700 with Alienbees lighting. I think this is an interesting way of showing off your behind the scenes setups, and hopefully this won't be the last we see of this.

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Seems like a very affable character.  Nice Behind the scenes video as well.


Thanks guys for the love!  This was really our first behind the scenes look with the 360 tours. Excited to shoot many more.  Cheers: Chase

Kanga Marketing