[BTS Video] The Never Ending Fashion Photoshoot

Amy Lynn must really want to win some of the $20,000 in photo gear we are giving away in our Behind the Scenes Contest because the photoshoot idea she came up with is one of the most original ideas we've seen yet! Amy wanted to create a fashion image with a twist. Her plan was to take a bunch of photos of her friends in a circle and stitch them together in a way that would allow the viewer to pan around the scene in full 360 degrees. I wasn't quite sure how the image would turn out when I first started watching her video but the final product is pretty impressive (and looks great full size on her website). I've embedded the final image below but it might not work perfectly on your mobile browsers so be sure to check it out on your main computer when you get home. If you have any questions for Amy about how she created this awesome fashion image, leave her a comment below. We wish Amy and everyone else who has entered this contest so far the best of luck!

Don't have flash? Click here to view the HTML Panorama

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Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn's picture

My favourite entry I've seen yet in this year's contest!

James Robertson's picture

Wow, it's hard to find the motivation to finish mine when something like this just blows it out of the water..

great idea and i really like Nicole the model - a stunning look to say the least!

Let's Go DSLR's picture

I think we have a winrar.

Nick Shek's picture

I love this, what an awesome idea!

Peter Dowell's picture

So cool, but I do kinda feel like the models are about to kick my ass surrounding me like that...

Noam Galai's picture

In my opinion Amy is one of the most talented and promising photographers in the world today. Only 22 years old (i think), and done some amazing stuff this year. if its your first time seeing her work - go check more of it - worth it! 
by the way - also worth checking the panorama on her website, as its much bigger than the one embedded here: http://www.amylynnstraub.com/neverending/view.html

pretty cool

so this music is copyrighted?  I thought copywritten music made the contest entries null and void(its in the fine print)

Love it! There's your winner fstoppers!

Love it when I see something that is so totally different.. there are simply NO ideas like this in my head! Great job.

I wish it was longer! But really cool so a big round of applause for Amy!

Excellent! Very creative and fun project. 

Henry Guevara's picture

I think we have a winner !!!

Thomas Ingersoll's picture

well there goes my plans on entering this contest

Patrick Hall's picture

ha people said that 3 months ago with another video.  If you haven't started (and almost finished) your shoot by now then you better get started quick quick quick.  

Dan Stone's picture

sweet jesus..... thats a tech shoot and visually sweet..... really good job! :)

Great work, love the finished result