[Contest Entry] Cory Albrechston Photographs Women Under Ice

As we get closer to the deadline to enter our Behind The Scenes Contest we are seeing more and more entries, many of which are looking truly great. As I was browsing through the submissions, I noticed this one by Cory Albrechston where he demonstrates how he designed and lit a set to create the look of someone trapped under a sheet of ice. With pretty straightforward lighting and a cool idea, Cory was able to make a really unusual and eye-catching image.

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Tracy Nanthavongsa's picture

Wow, this is hella cool. Really inspiring! Great concept and execution. I didn't know you could do all that types of edit in lightroom.

The Dark Room Co.'s picture

nice job Cory

I did something similar with myself...accidentally...YEARS AGO...in my car via my moon roof...

feelin' kinda inadequate seeing someone actually take this concept further professionally...I'll get over it though...lol

well done nonetheless!

Zack Williamson's picture

really well done bts video. the final image is really off putting, but i think it would be a cool poster for a horror film.

Well done.. both the BTS video production as well as a cool finished image. Very Cool.

I enjoyed the video a lot, nice execution on the concept and a job well done :)

Cody Wayne Bridges's picture

hahaha I like the humor after the credits

Davide Solla's picture

the final result is scaring, I bet he'll gonna win the contest

Patrick Hall's picture

I love how you added snow to the opening bumper too!

Thank you guys for all your feedback!
- Dave

Ha, love how he used LR for the entire post process.