Contest Entry: Rydell Belles (Who Needs Video Gear?)

Nathan Smith and Chris David had a shoot lined up with the Rydell Belles, a local roller Derby team. Nathan didn't have a video camera or professional editing software but he managed to create a BTS video anyway. The final images may not blow your mind but the video should be a huge inspiration because Nathan created this with his iPhone 3gs and iMovie. Half way through this thing I realized that I was captivated by a totally informative video with no audio and terrible video quality. This is a great example of how good editing can make up for a lack of gear. Great job guys.

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I totally agree can make some very informative stuff with an iPhone and the free editing software included with your computer. Darn you Apple for making such great products!

What digital photography did to make everyone a photographer, I think the iPhone and smart phones are doing to make everyone videographers. Technology is removing the education barriers by giving the tools to experience it first hand.

I came over here from the Strobist and this was awesome!! I loved the video, and I too was enthralled with the learning that I really didn't look at the poor video quality. Plus those roller derby girls are awesome! What a fun shoot!

SUPER COOL ONE!! GREAT JOB! I really like the setup, great video and good luck for the contest!!! :) Cheers

Great video!
Had informative content and the editing was superb!

Thanks everyone! I LOVE BTS videos.. its one of the easiest ways to learn things, I feel. The reason that people like the BTS videos is because the learn things from them. So in an attempt to teach (to the best of my ability) I made the video that I did. It was a blast to make and I can't wait to make another.. plus the music KICKS ASS... just had to do something with it ;) LOL