Contest Submission: Benjamin "Von Wong" Shoots Zombies

Benjamin "Von Wong" just submitted his BTS contest entry that was shot by Eric Bindman. This is our first large production entry and is defiantly an inspiring watch. The pictures can be seen here and I must say, they are quite stunning. I think Benjamin may have easily won this contest if he had given more technical detail about the shoot itself but hey, I am not going to be the judge. Please remember to give Ben some feedback by commenting below, he made this video to help all of us.

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Yeah, its a cool video, but it doesn't seem like he needs the new camera quite as much as some of the others.

c'mon ben, dont leave your camera facing up when changing lens, especially in that dusty place.

other then that, awesome.
some people would probably love to see or know how you did some of the editing.

but its going to be hard to vote based on the equipment people have or don't have, which sucks.
i wouldn't want someone winning who has a better camera then what is being gifted.

but if they do, i hope they would do the nice thing and regift it.

I agree that this video could have been more technical.
Really good attempt though.

Really cool man, well done :) I've shot in locations like thatand I know what a nightmare it can be. On some of your images, there's a shaft of light from above, is this lighting catching the dust or is it post production? Cool either way!


Actually, I did this video haha, I had a flight to China so I couldn't post it...I'm Fatherly Films on the Forum, I do need the camera haha, all of the video was shot on borrowed equipement, but the real purpose, as Ben sayed was just to educate people, and I hope that helped! Also, I'd love to answer any questions about the editing (if you meant the video editing).

Thanks for posting this on the front page Lee!

Hey ! It's the G.W. Reed Factory in Montreal ! Used to be a pretty nice place before they built condos all around.

Very good BTS video, it's great to have Ben explaining his concept and the way he wants to shoot it.

Von Wong's picture

@Zach - the hoard of zombies were rushing at me, I didn't think whens witching lenses =[ haha

@Tommy - well, the camera isn't for me really... but for the videographer! He's just 16 years old!

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@ Alexander - the shaft of light is actually a flash! All done in camera =]

Ah cool! Great job buddy and looking forward to seeing some of your stuff in the future!

Hey FLickr friend. Nice Job. I want to go to Canada now.

Keep in mind that this is a contest. We are not giving this camera to a person who we feel needs it the most. We should be giving it to the person that creates the best BTS video. The fact that these guys have nice gear already should not be a deciding factor. Everyone can use another camera or in this case a video camera to shoot more BTS videos with.

@Lee exactly! Thank you!

this is such a GREAT VIDEO!