How To Sharpen Eyes In Your Portraits To Make Them Pop

When looking at portraits, we have a tendency to look at the eyes first. We can't help it, it's part of human nature. This is why I personally believe it is extremely important to capture and refine the eyes in your photos to create more engaging portraits. Retoucher Michael Woloszynowicz created an awesome 4 part video series about how to make your eyes look amazing in post production. See the rest of the post below to watch video parts 2 through 4.

While the first video above focused on how to sharpen eyes, the videos below share how to brighten eyes, resize and move eyes, remove hair, veins, and redness effectively. I learned a lot from these videos, personally, and hope you do too!

You can subscribe/watch more of Michael's videos on his youtube page:

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Thanks a lot for sharing Douglas! The last 2 parts are coming out shortly. Part 4 will be released tomorrow actually.

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Loooove your tutorials. You really know your stuff and you have a nice way of explaining. It feels more like a course than the usual Photoshop video that are like "hey I tried this trick and it worked on this shot I had..."

Also, your results are very tasteful. Did you shoot the images as well?

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Thanks for those very kind words Louise. Glad you find them helpful and enjoyable. And yes, most of the images in my videos are taken by me as well unless I note in the video that I'm using someone else's image. Take care

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Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

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Why not just put the copied layer in "soft light" and put on a highpass with a low/middel radius? Will also give an extra pop to the eyes.