Japanese Band Androp Uses 250 Canon Cameras and Flashes For Their Stage Show

So your band is about to go on tour and the obvious question is "what are we going to use for our backdrop?" Most bands would normally use a projector, an LED panel, or just some plain old stage lights. What the Japan based band Androp decided to do was much more interesting. Using 250 Canon cameras equipped with external flashes, the band wired everything together and programmed them with Arduino open source software to display different patterns of light and text. You really have to watch the whole thing to even grasp how cool this turned out. Check out the behind the scenes video below and then watch the second video below to see how it all came together.

Behind the Scenes:

Final Production:

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do they actually need that many camera bodies? overkill and kinda lame

I was thinking the same thing - looking up androp on facebook, wikipedia, youtube, etc. shows them as basically unknown. Fstoppers has 43 times as many "likes". Total upload views for AndropMusic channel on youtube: 770,000. Fstoppers has 400,000 more than them in that regard as well.

My take? They're PUMPING money into every project to make it as epic as possible. That or they're trying to become official Canon promoters ;) :D

It's because it looks cool, I think it wouldn't be that cool is they only had the flashes. I mean there are light walls and every band/ almost every band uses them. this gives the video something that is just super Epic (but thats how I see it)

What a waste of good 60d. They could have used a bunch of ebay triggers and receivers, and cheapo flashes instead of spending 300,000 on that rig. 

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but then then wouldn't have the same impact and their viral video would have been an epic fail

It is stupid,there is nothing here in this video interesting and it is not about photography at all

yeah it's expensive and total overkill, but it was pretty rad, you have to admit.  and who knows... maybe they received advertising dollars from canon for it.  if i was in a huge pop band like them, i'd turn around and sell all those cameras to fans, and donate a portion of the revenue for a charity.  now THAT is marketing at its finest.  :) 

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I totally agree with all the other comments.... and the music was kinda boring... It was a cool idea (sorta), but it never goes anywhere...

 wtf? all that work, all those cameras. to not take pictures and just have the flashes fire in patterns...

 Who the F&*K thought of this? Lets get 250 cameras and flashes, and not take pictures with the cameras? Brilliant.

 For these idiots next adventure thet're going to buy 100 cars and adjust the seats for the excitement of it...

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You guys are a bunch of party poopers ... not only did I find this very cool, the music was not half bad and the video production was great!

how? who? WHAT?! The money ... the time ... the resources ... my head exploded

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I liked!
Except for you Garrett....You guys are a$$holes!

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which reminds me of this classic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdq577iClbU

And i would prefer to donate those cameras to some teenagers, teach them the basics and let them explore the world of photography who knows maybe in future some of them will become great photographer

what a waste of cameras. this video actually made me feel sick when i watched it. but its cool to just say you used 250 cameras just for the flashes

I presume each flash is a shutter actuation?  If so, how long would the cameras actually last?

I think I agree with Mark, I think the flash is fired by firing the shutter! Which would mean that the camera might have recorded some frames.... SHOW US THOSE!!! But they probably didn't store the photos :-(

Well guys, some of the comments here are pretty damn (excuse me) rude. I thought it was an interesting experiment. I would like to see the pics, though. To Mark: I do not know about the D60, but a Nikon D300 for instance lasts a guaranteed 150'000 shutter actuations, a D3 is supposed to last 300'000.

They were Canon 60D's not Nikon D60's.

Epilepsy much, eh..?

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And besides all the overkill comments, their music sucks :-)
Like the open source software though.

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my word. there are some idiots commenting here. remember guys, this is japan...the land where electronics come cheap. the cost of making this video is probably some change when compared to that of an average beyonce music video. what? Would you prefer this to be a Lady Gaga or Rihanna music video? would you applaud then and call this an ingenious idea? Get a life guys. This is unique, and fantastic. Well done to the team that pulled this off!

Would I applaud if lady gaga or anyone else did something this stupid? HELL NO!
THIS: "cameras and flashes and only the flashes were used" Even if some yahoo wired them together and caused the flashes to make neat shapes IS STILL A WASTE OF 250 CAMERA BODIES .THAAAAAAATS what's so stupid here. in this video the cameras arent cameras they are flash holders. thats it, things holding a flash.......... FYI:  IF JESUS HIMSELF, came back from the dead, and did this, i'd be saying the same thing.

Good man!

Anyone of the haters watched the actual music video ?
There are pics taken by the cameras behind the band and also still shots from the side with the back lit by the flashes check the video at 2:58 and 4:10.
I do like the concept and i think the music video is a pretty cool mix between advertising for the band and the brand.

Hahaha, for real guys! If that video was made in the US i bet my a** that the sound of the comments would be different...

There is a lot more of useless, wasting, destroying home-videos on the tube then this! I thought it was a cool and "outside-the-box" idea for a video, and why trash-talk the music? Not really on-topic, huh?
And a respond for the first comments, do you really need that big of a car, just for driving around downtown? ;) 

Right on Lars. 

totally different story... You still "Drive" the big car but they aren't using the camera bodies in any shape or form
it is creative, sure, but it doesn't make it not stupid

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