Joey L takes a ton of gear into the Siberut Jungle

Joey L is always an inspiration because not only is he really young but because he is really forward thinking with his creativity. Here is the behind the scenes video of his latest project The Mentawai. It's pretty wild to see the logistics of a shoot like this and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Click Here to see the final images and the original video posted by Joey L.

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Thomas Woodson's picture

Joey L rocks. I was just watching all his videos the other day. It's just ridiculous that he is a year older than me, living in Manhattan and traveling the world making a ton of money. It would be awesome to be in his shoes.

Sikora's picture

I can already feel leeches crawling up my body from just the thumbnail!

Sikora's picture

Slow motion shots are great. love the color of the images too

Anthony's picture

What a surprise for me !
I thought he was a canon gangster !! Well, at least that's how we know him here in France !

Little by the years, big in his talent.

Will's picture

This is so inspiring as well as informative! Brilliantly shot and showed great maturity in your approach far beyond your years.

Canada Lens Rentals's picture

This is a great inspiration to everyone young and old. An opportunity to enjoy the results of someone who truly thinks outside of the box. With this sort of dedication I am sure we shall see Joey on National Geographic one day.

I am sure he will be sad to leave his new found friends. I cringed at the thought of the car battery falling in the river....