Joseph Watts Shoots Tom Anderson

Joseph just sent this BTS video over to me. The video is lacking but the images are so good that I wanted to post this anyway. It is pretty amazing what you can do with a small softbox on a stick. You can view more details about this shoot and the final images here.

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Fiaso Froszen's picture

I think anything can look good when you drop fake skies in PS.

badjon's picture

yeah..not a cloud in the sky before his lights are totally in the shot...thank god for photoshop!

Lee Morris's picture

I can say from experience that dropping in fake backgrounds has little to do with creating a successful image. If it were that easy everyone would do it.

As a professional photographer I say do whatever you have to do to create a compelling image. YOUR skies may be blown out; my skies are going to look like whatever makes me the most money and what books me the next job.

Jim Milne's picture

I totally agree with Lee on this. The photographer may well have just wanted to leave it as it was on the day. But the client could have just as easily said he wanted a sky.

Besides as long as it's not tacky and sloppily processed then it doesn't matter.

Think about it from the art perspective, a painter painting a scene could have had a building in it originally in reality but the painter thought this would ruin the final image, so the painter omitted it.

Does that make sense?

End of the day, the more compelling it is the more work you'll get.