Calle Hoglund: A Photographer Being Creative

The biggest problem with photographers today is that we don't actually get out and shoot enough. It's so easy to watch videos of others being creative or wait until we have that next magical piece of gear before we plan a shoot. What happened to taking pictures and being creative because that is what we love to do? Calle Hoglund did just that. He had an idea one night while his buddies were over and he shot it that night. Luckily for us, he also filmed his progress, enjoy.

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Paul Hance's picture

Great video love it

James's picture

Awesome idea and BTS video but that music only reminds me of South Park and America's Funniest Home Videos

marvinhagemeister's picture

This is totally awesome! I love the idea and execution!

ezra marcos's picture

Fun stuff! don't know the Benny Hill show??? hahaha...I must be getting old...

Max's picture

Nice video, thanks guys!

Adam Sund's picture

Well played.

Yuto's picture

Very creative, love the idea! Well done.

eduardo moradel's picture

Congrats to Calle Hoglund, a very creative idea.


love the music:D

Matt's picture

Ha! cool I did something similar a while back for my profile pic

Michael Santini's picture

Awesome idea. Simple, but still totally awesome.

Paul Monaghan's picture

Very nice and creative.. would be amazing for a family shoot :)

Larsen's picture

anyone noticed the cat at 0:40? LOL

Mark Mark's picture

Brilliant. how many of us are now going to try this? I know I am.

Yousif Jawhar's picture

i know that guy from deviantart.. really nice guy.

kevin's picture

I loved :27-28!!

Great video and even greater image!

BLK PXLS's picture

Great video....maybe a lil more photoshop work so the green flannel shirt could be seen thru the picture frames. For instance the bald guy on the right would take like 2 mins to cut out the black to reveal the shirt. Great idea otherwise!

Calle Artmark's picture

Wow! Thanks for all the comments guys!

@BLK PXLS I didn't even consider doing what you are suggesting mainly because I wanted my frames to look "authentic", never seen a framed picture of people being able to see-through the empty space behind them =). But I understand what you mean, just wanted to share my thoughts and that it wasn't what I went for here. Thanks for taken the time to comment it.


Donnie Bell Design's picture

Looks great. I love that you just got together with your friends and did a project for fun, a lot of us don't get out there and do it too often anymore.

Jayson Carey's picture

wow, i know i'm going to have to try this. i live in a fraternity, so a fun composite might have to be in order...

Chip Johansen's picture

That was awesome. Love the film.  Benny HIll would be proud.