Contest Entry: Hang Up And Drive

Doug Howell just submitted his BTSV for the contest. This video is short but it packs in the technical details! It's great to see the making of a real advertisement from start to finish. Please remember to give Doug some feedback below.

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Great video! Loved the step-by-step explanations, really helped me get a feel for the steps of the photo shoot. Thanks!

Quick, to the point and well executed.

Great BTS!

As a BTS video, it's perfect with it's straight forward explanation. Looking at the result I wonder whether the photograph in natural light isn't much easier to make. So the point I would like to have a bit more information is the choice to make this picture in the studio.

Good BTS. Hang up and drive, yet no phone involved. Peculiar.

wow, this video was great. AND it had technical details.
great work!

this is my vote.

Great video.

This is the best video yet! Very informative, simple, good to watch... I think it matches all the specifications that you said. It's very good! If my video doesn't work out, this is my vote.

Very to the point and educational. I came across fstoppers just about two weeks ago and I really enjoy what I see here and find it encouraging despite the fact that I am nowhere near the level of the guys presenting here. Thank you for following your passion and creating a platform like this.

And Doug, thank you for your video again. Here in Europe, driving with a phone to your ear or in your hand will cost you close to €150 - easy choice:)

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it was kind of boring and like Zach Breaux I have to state the obvious there was no cell phone involved.

for those that commented above that there is no phone in the ad try looking at the end product! it requires reading it says "using your cellphone while driving is just as stupid."
so now that i got that out of the way i think it was the best BTS so far it was to the point gave us information about how to do this type of shoot. Not the most exciting shoot but thats like most paying jobs.
got my vote!

@AndrewW/ZachB The tag line was "Using your cellphone while driving is just as stupid", make sense now?

Great video Doug!

by the way, I never use my cell phone while putting makeup on! Ha!

Thanks for the comments guys.. there are some really cool vids being loaded!