Dylan Coulter Makes Cyclocross Look Messy

Dylan Coulter and his team got pretty creative when asked to shoot a fashion spread for Men's Journal Magazine's May 2010 issue. Here is what Dylan told us about the shoot:

"We shot the story in studio in Brooklyn, NY, over a 16 hour day. A special effects team of 3 manufactured gallons of mud from clay (often used for movies because it turns to powder when dried, making it easier to clean-up) and then built a long narrow trough for the mud.

Seven of the top US Cyclocross athletes (without complaint) repeatedly rode through the mud trough at fast speeds. They had to immediately brake so they wouldn't hit the studio wall (a few did).

Towards the end of the shoot, we shot separate plates of the mud using a variety of methods (a pump with various fittings and a rigged spinning bike wheel were two methods). Those shots were combined with the athlete shots in post.

In all, a 15 person crew made the shoot possible. Great creative direction (and freedom) from Michelle Wolfe, Patti O'Brien and Paul Martinez at Men's Journal.

I shot with a Hasselblad H2 body and Leaf Aptus 75s back combination, using a variety of lenses. The lighting was a mix of Broncolor Grafit and Scoro packs."

You can check out more images from this shoot at Dylan's site: http://www.dylancoulter.com/default.aspx#/s=portfolios&c=0

Men's Journal Magazine May 2010 Cyclocross Fashion Shoot from Dylan Coulter on Vimeo.

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Jabari Hunt's picture

Anyone know the name & artist of the song playing in the background?

David Friend's picture

Song name no but this is the artists website here ===> http://knaanmusic.ning.com/

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WOW! How was this done!? I hope there's a how to video follow up. =)