Elections Are Fun!

If you live in the United States then there was a good chance you just skipped watching TV last night because of all the crazy election coverage. Even though I personally don't care to watch nonstop election coverage, I do have a huge appreciation for the amount of production that goes into bringing such a massive event into the homes of Americans. If television production is of interest to you, check out this behind the scenes video of Shepard Smith as he gives you a short tour of the control room and stage setup for the 2010 midterm election coverage at Fox News.

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Looks like the video is not available outside of the US :(

"Video not available for your Country".


You're not missing anything. That video sucks. I have a much better one I'll post in an hour

Lee, it's not that bad.

Some news reader is walking a camera around the television studio, showing the team working backstage and how is set the stage. He even shows some 103" plasma HDTV they use as a prop.

Well, now that I think about it, Lee is about right... But post your video if it's so great ! lol

Hah, no it's bad. I was going to post mine but Pat did another. Mine goes up tomorrow night and it is REALLY cool.

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Ha yeah it's been a pretty slow week for quality behind the scenes videos.

This video is not disponible in Brazil. I didint know youtube impose censorship in some videos.

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“Video not available for your Country”,i stil waiting en curious the two films.

for those outside the US use Hotspot Shield a really great Proxy.

I've always wondered more about how the news reporters deal with it. That's a lot of stress, information being thrown around and long hours. And the technology they use in their broadcasts.

Arghhh Fox pretending to be hip. It's painful.

i never liked election day when i was in the news business.. you've gotta work for 18 hours straight and tons of live shots. on a different note, i've gotta say that fox news sucks and this guy is a douche

Holy make-up!! and he said "for realz"!!

This video is not available in your country!

That message I got it today, why what happen ?