Taylor Tupy's Sand Studio Set Is Pretty Awesome

One thing I love about the Fstoppers Facebook Group is seeing all the amazing work our readers publish. Taylor Tupy is a pretty awesome fashion and editorial photographer based out of Minneapolis. In this video he shared on Facebook, Taylor brought in gulf coast white sand into the studio to produce an awesome effect. Taking your production value to the next level is probably the most important thing a photographer can do to create images that stand out from everyone else with a camera. Until Taylor releases the final images, all we have at the moment is Zachary Nelson's BTS video of the sandy shoot. Hopefully this gives everyone some warm inspiration before another cold weekend!

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Whoa sand + medium format, the guy's got some nerves :) Cool idea.

Lee Christiansen's picture

With that smoke machine, how does he get images without that dreaded "bounce back" that you get with fog and car headlights...?  I did a catwalk shoot recently where they had an over generous smoke machine and it was a nightmare.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

It looks like they blow smoke away with the reflector just before the shot. 

David S Kalonick's picture

Pretty sweet shoot. Bummer on the cold sore 00.53  

Christopher Sztybel's picture

I emailed Taylor to congratulate him on the recognition and he said he didn't even know his work was featured on fstoppers. My email brough it to his attention. That's gotta be some great news to receive.

Lorenzo P's picture

Love, love, love!!!!