Yuri Arcurs Gives A Tour Of His Lavish Studio

Yuri Arcurs is probably the most successful stock photographer on the planet. The last time we featured him on Fstoppers he was explaining a lot of his lighting setups for great stock images as well as how to get great reactions out of your models so the images sell. Now he has a new ridiculously expensive studio filled to the top with profoto gear, and he is giving us a first person tour of the place. I can't imagine how anyone could need this amount of gear but at the rate he turns images out it is all probably well justified. Does anyone know how to use the lowering metal mount he has for his lights? It seems like making adjustments would be difficult when they are suspended that high above you.

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And for whatever reason, someone couldn't place a lapel mic on him properly... wow...

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Oh. My. Jesus.

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The large metal framework is just for holding the strobes. Once placed, they are in scissor bracket-like things so they can be extended and retracted. The frame comes down so that you can move them greater distances... I agree that its not as easy as pushing a light stand - but oh my wow - how nice is that there isnt one freaking cord on the floor for someone to trip on...

Yeah those scissor-brackets are really easy to move, they make the strobe have a floating feeling, so you can manipulate it really easy, they had some of those at my school, they're fun to use. You can lower or rise them as you want and they stay where you leave them.

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Do you know which matte box (it looks like a matte box anyways) he had on his dslr?

I felt inspired and depressed at the same time

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Now that was a nice studio. Feeling somewhat jealous too :) Not to mention the backstage area for dressing and makeup.

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And....drooling... But I'll second Caleb up there...

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More impressed with the Dolly Truck AE moves!! @@ Nice!

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Wow, amazing studio, I wish I could afford a place that nice...

As a side note, this is one of the few videos I can watch in Firefox 4 without having to resort to flash, and I was just wondering if you guys could post more links this way? I'm not sure if it's the site used for the videos, or how you guys link to them, but not having to use flash, and still enjoying all the wonderful vids on here is pretty damn awesome.

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hmmm...I'm not sure why they are showing up as flash on your side. We are using the code which is YT's newest embed code that should be HTML5. They load and play fine on my iphone which cannot play flash. Any idea why this video could be loading differently than all the others? We aren't doing anything different

My oh My an overkill...

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Beautiful Studio but I'm not envious. Some photographers decide to go all MTV CRIBS on us and some will never own a studio. But tell me: who can just take off anytime and travel the world for 6 months? The more things you own, the more things own you...and yes that's a quote from Fight Club :)
Having said that, he seems like a nice guy, super successful and probably worked his butt off to get where he is. I respect that.

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If my wife/accountant/business partner/ ever even suspected that I would want to fill my studio with $300,000 worth of lighting, horrible things would befall me.

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Well the smart thing would be to have your wife help you make your house your studio so you could write it off....then slowly start taking those rooms back as normal living spaces :)

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it looks like he's switched from hassalblad to canon 1Ds... does it kinda indicate that canon is really getting into the medium format market by increasing the MP on the camera?

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ah just read his website and it seems that he's using a mixture of systems for different shots

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In fact it's a Nikon D3x (or D3s). I think he used this camera because the fps is much faster than a Hasselblad (5 fps vs 1 fps ...i think). I would kill for a 1/10th of his gear! Do he really need that much of stuff?

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"Does he really need that much of stuff?": He did point out that when a pack fails he switches to the next one. And everything we use at some point will fail and last thing you want to do with a client or any shoot is to say, "Sorry, my equipment failed so we are done until I get that replaced." People think about just backing up files or the body of the camera only, but so many other things need to have a backup, batteries, cables, bulbs, backdrops, lenses, filters, flashes, computers, etc.

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Awesome studio, it even has a play area! Love the fast recycle times of the flashes, sooo much better than my 2 sec delay :(

Yuri's living the dream! Well done, very inspiring :)

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I'm not sure why any shooter needs four beauty dishes or that many packs etc. He has more gear than some rental places. Crazy. Even the top end guy's in NYC don't have that much gear. Seems silly to me.