This Is The Best Timelapse Video You Will Ever See... This Month

I just ran across across Dustin Farrell's newest timelapse and I know I say this a lot but I really think THIS is my favorite so far. Quality timelapse videos keep coming out and raising the bar each time but this is a big leap in my opinion. Obviously these shots have been enhanced in post and I would LOVE to know how he did it. If you like this timelapse then you may want to check out all of the them we have posted on our site by clicking here.

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Max Leitner's picture

To me this time-lapse means so much, I used to live in Utah (now Chicago) and find it amazing to see my old home in such a beauty! 

Can't get enough of these time-lapse productions - they are simple awe inspiring! And the music matching... ? Ooh!

wow amazing stuff!! thanks for sharing..

Stephen Reasonover's picture

Completely breathtaking images. The use of John Murphy's song is amazing.

there is a sound editing problem at 2 40. the rhythm is broken. besides that, is absolutely breathtaking 

James's picture

I think he just pasted an extra minute of the tune
to cover the length of the video ..


Duvy McGirr's picture

Wow! This is exceptional work! Thank you for sharing :-)

Amazing and the music adds a whole other dimension to the quality.

It almost looks like an HDR time-lapse.

This is insanely beautiful. Amazing job!

Robert M. Cepek's picture

That is absolutely amazing - This is the stuff the inspires me to keep going 

Garrett Graham's picture

Awesome and inspiring!

Daniel Pfeifer-Kotz's picture

Beautiful work on this, Awesome!