Discovery Channel's Timelapse Of The Worlds Largest Ship Being Built

What do you do when building the worlds largest ship, you hire Discovery channel to make a timelapse of course.
"A timelapse of the construction of Maersk Line's very first Triple-E vessel at the DSME shipyard in Okpo, Korea.The timelapse was produced by Discovery Channel and Maersk, and it consists of 50,000 photos taken over 3 months.
Read more about Maersk Line's Triple-E vessels here:"

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holy ship

Very cool to watch. I'm very surprised how modular the assembly is. Like giant Legos!

what was up with the ass-end duplicate chunk that waddled on out after the ship? scrapped section that didn't turn out? lol

It might be like when you build a house you have a reference section so you can verify that every thing looks right ?

Maybe yeah, could even be leftover from a dismantled ship, good point