How To Make a Good Travel Video

This video shares an overview of what you need to shoot when you are planning to shoot a travel video. If you're going to a new destination soon, these tips will surely come in handy once you get there. 

Shoot Mini-Scenes

This was the most interesting aspect of the video for me. To not just shoot one shot, but to cover the scene from multiple angles, or to shoot the same action in various ways throughout the day, to make sure you've got a good flow when you get to the editing of the video. 


Secondly, do some research on the place you're going to. Know what you can expect, watch some travel videos of the specific destination, and see what others have covered. Get an idea of what to expect. It will give you an idea of what you can cover on a daily basis. 

Know What You Want

Thirdly, shoot for the edit, in other words, have a good idea of what message you want to share with the video, and have a list of shots you want  to capture, to edit together to create the feeling you want to portray in the specific scenes, and how these scenes will all fit together in the video.


Travel videos can showcase style and editing skills, and is a great way to get a portfolio worth showing clients. Do you plan your videos when you travel, or is it off-the-cuff type of shots that you edit together? What's your process of producing travel videos?

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