Tips for Confidently Shooting Street Photography

Whether you’re traveling abroad or exploring the streets where you live, it’s important to have confidence when shooting street photography. Photographer, Pierre T. Lambert shares a few tips to help you confidently capture images that you’ll be proud of.

Street photography is one thing when you’re shooting in a familiar environment, such as a neighborhood you’ve frequented for years with familiar sights and faces. It can be another experience entirely to photograph people and places you’re not familiar with, especially when there’s a language barrier between you and your subject.

Sometimes the way you approach an individual can have a great effect on their expression and the experience you have with them, so as Lambert shares in the video, you may want to learn how to ask for permission to take someone’s picture in the language native to the area you’re in. Doing so can open doors and provide opportunities that may not have been there prior to conversing with locals, or at a minimum, confirming that it's okay to take their picture. 

In the video, Lambert also shares advice such as how to secure your gear when traveling - something that you don't want to learn about the hard way.  

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1 Comment

Confidence is half the trick to good Street Photography. However, I don't think that you always need to ask permission to take someone's photo. A smaller camera would allow for an approach that would lead to a more candid style. However, I enjoyed seeing the bold approach.