Real Is Always Better Than Simulation

Mission Impossible III was recently launched, and what makes it a special movie to go watch is the fact that most of the stunts were done by Tom Cruise himself and that they were done in real time and space, on location, and without much CGI. His movies are revered as some of the best action movies, and it's because of this reason it's worth noticing that the real thing is often better than the simulation. 

I love special effects. They add a layer of action to the movie that is impossible to do in real life. It's the action, the effects, and the sound that makes you sit on the edge of your seat. But, in my opinion, these green screen, CGI-packed films are often so loaded up with effects that they create a barrier. You notice the effects, and although you might be amazed by them, they're still distracting. And if there is one thing a film should not do, it's distract you. You should be there with the hero, experiencing the massive jump from one building to the next, or join them as they hang from a plane. 

There is certainly great recognition to be paid to Tom Cruise and his determination to do his own stunts and do them with such vigor. I believe he might be the only actor in Hollywood who takes it to the level he does, and if you ask me, he's going to be difficult to beat. But, I do think it's a great motivator to make us see that the real thing is better than the simulation. It's often the dirty, raw nature of the actual event that makes it so relatable.

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michaeljin's picture

Real is not always better than stimulation. Example: Movies where animals are tortured, killed, or maimed.

Another example would be in sound design. Ever hear a gunshot or explosion in real life? Not that impressive. Same goes for tons of other sounds that are all replaced in post.

Wayne Denny's picture

True, but one of my favorite scenes used the sound from the actual shot. They couldn't recreate the echo coming off of the buildings in downtown LA.

Stas F's picture

That was Mission Impossible 6, btw, not III :)
I actually didn't like it much - too boring and predictable all same nuclear weapon disarming we've seen 1000 times. This was my least favorite MI movie.

Lee Christiansen's picture

Admirable Tom...

Except when he hurt himself with a jumping stunt, production was put on hold for a number of months - which can impact the crew financially. Especially if they have commitments for other projects later.

I'm no fan of CGI with action movies. I like the bangs to be real. I think the Bond films get the balance about right.

I did love the latest Mission Impossible though.

Wayne Denny's picture

He was only out six weeks, which is just flat out insane. They originally thought he'd be out months, though. There's parts of the movie where you can tell he's running pretty gingerly, though. Must have hurt like hell...

Christian Lainesse's picture

A movie still needs a good plot though.