1 Minute Videos That Will Make You Hungry

A still image of food will make you hungry, but there is something about a food video that can take that hunger to another level. There are aspects of the cooking process that just don’t translate as well in the still form as they do in video. Claire Thomas has taken these delicious moments and developed a style that showcases them in short 30-60 second videos. I contacted Claire to find out how she developed her style and what inspires her to make these mouthwatering shorts.

Claire Thomas is a commercial director, food writer, and photographer living in Los Angeles, CA. I first came across her work through her blog, A Kitchy Kitchen, and her video “S’Meaches”(pictured above).  Like all creatives, Claire’s work is influenced by her experiences. She grew up with a dad who was a director and the rest of her family worked in some aspect of the design industry. Working as a development producer introduced her to the world of food styling and then into food photography. When Claire creates a video or a still image of food, her goal is to create a feeling or emotion behind it. Claire says that for her, ”Food is not an informational photo. It draws your eye in and creates an emotional response.” It needs to create that “I want that!” feeling.

In 2010, Claire was hanging out with her friend Yayo. She asked him shoot a video of her making lunch. Yayo did the shooting and Claire directed and made the meal. Three hours later, Avocado Toast was created!  Claire put these videos on her blog as a way to be creative and try new things. Over the last few years she has continued these 3o-60 second “recipe videos.” The food will change, but the concept is all the same. They are a way for her to use her close-up “guerilla style” and make you hungry! In watching the videos you will notice her love of macro lenses and fast prime lenses. She doesn’t want the videos to be overly complicated. Their job is to show you the food in a normal environment and make you hungry. Through creative camera angles, editing, and scoring Claire has created videos that will catch your eye and make you hungry.  Here are some of the videos that give an example of the work that Claire creates. Warning, make sure you eat something before watching.

Grilled Caesar Salad

Cheddar Beer Toast With Chives Aka Welsh Rarebit

Churros Con Chocolate

The next two aren’t recipe videos, but are great examples of thinking about food in a different way.

Brunellos Have more Fun: A Break Up and Red Bubbly

NIGHT+MARKET: Goong Ten with Chef Kris (Head On Prawns with Chili Jam & Lime)

Claire’s food videos started out as just a personal project she put on her blog. This personal work has translated into paying work. Through developing her style she has landed jobs directing spots for McDonald’s,  Miracle Whip, Chobani, and more! To see more of Claire’s work you can check out her blog at The Kitchy Kitchen. Her reel on Greendot Films, and follow her on twitter @KitchyKitchen.

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