10 Steps for Finding the Perfect Camera Angle

We can learn a lot from experienced filmmakers and cinematographers, and one of their strongest skills is their ability to tell stories. Whether you shoot video or photos, this excellent video tutorial will give you a 10-step process for finding the best, most compelling angle for every shot. 

Coming to you from Sareesh Sudhakaran of wolfcrow, this great video tutorial will show you a 10-step process to finding the best angle for a shot. Perhaps the most salient point for me was the seventh, to not employ a shot or angle that does not either introduce new information or move the story along. I think it can be easy to linger on a certain angle or shot for a while simply because it is aesthetically pleasing, but if we are trying to tell a story and keep the audience engaged, doing this can either confuse the viewer or cause them to lose interest, at least momentarily. Some of the best films are wonderfully economical in this sense and are sleek and ruthless in their editing to ensure that the viewer is never allowed a moment to look away or to stop paying attention. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Sudhakaran. 

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10 steps? I would probably lose interest or get lost doing that:) A less complicating approach is to keep changing your position towards the subject until you find an angle which would help creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing image.