10 Tips on How to Creatively Use a Slider

Are you getting the most out of your gear? In this short video, videographer Jordy Vandeput demonstrates 10 different ways to manipulate your camera angles with a slider and tripod.

“Quick tip video #3: 10 ways to use a camera slider. You can do much more then just sliding horizontal. In this tutorial you will learn some more techniques on how to use a slider to accomplish awesome effects. Have an idea for a future quick tip tutorial? Leave it in the comments! And please subscribe to stay tuned for the weekly tutorial uploads.”-Jordy Vandeput-

Find Jordy on Twitter @JordyVandeput

via [ISO1200]

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Nice tips!

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Gotta love the Dutch accent :D (lekker bezig Jordyyy)

Good tips as well!

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Echt he! Herkende het al in de eerste zin haha!

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I own a Kanova Slider and almost never use that thing, that changes tonight lol

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Wow, love these tips!

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Dig that cool head. What is the model number?