Use Your Tripod to Create Video That Looks Like You Used a Slider

Now that many of us are shooting with DSLR cameras that handle both photo and video we often find ourselves doing a bit of both. For example, while I specialize in shooting weddings it is nice to be able to capture a bit of video of my clients and use it in a slideshow such as those done in Animoto or Lightroom 5. While I would love to invest in a slider for the videos, it is just not in my budget and would not be used enough. This video tip by Fenchel & Janisch will show how to get similar shots to those done with a slider, using the tripod you already own.

While this tip might not be new news, it is a great reminder at how we can use gear that we already have to create the shots we need without spending extra money. This week I am photographing a wedding for some clients that asked if I would be able to grab a few video shots as well for them. While they know I don't proclaim to be a videographer they are excited to know that they will have some video along with their photos to remember the day by. As I watched the video tip from Fenchel & Janisch it was great reminder for me on how to pull off some of the video portions at the wedding and create some sweeping shots even though I will not have a slider at my disposal.

Here is a video put together by Fenchel & Janisch showing an end product using the technique.

What simple tips do you use in your own work? Share your tips in the comments below.

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Franck RONDOT's picture

Very good !!!

Emerald Isle Prods's picture

Good information. The slow motion is fairly important, as is the quality of the tripod. It works in a pinch but can give some pretty shaky footage as well.

Bob Bell's picture

Nice one :)

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Andreas Pratikto's picture

Very creative technique, thanks for sharing!

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Ger's picture

Will give this certainly a try,

Joseph Graf's picture

How does one rack focus while tilting and turning?

jeremyejackson's picture

Monopod warrants better results. Especially if you have one that goes 10ft. Faking jib shots.

Michael Murphy's picture

a focus puller would still seem necessary. other than that, i totally dig it.