100,000 Photo Timelapse of NYC!

Samuel Orr is a film maker from Bloomington, IN. He created this beautiful 4 minute long timelapse of NYC titled 'A New York Day' from over 100,000 photos and from dozens of locations. This video is just a fraction of a much longer timelapse film, which he hopes will be around 25 minutes once it is finished. He has created a Kickstarter for 'New York Year' which explains more about the film and shows other work that he has done. Enjoy!

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interesting, but it moves to fast for me!

I agree. It's extremely well done but the speed is too fast. It makes it look nervous and kinda stressful.

I really like this technique of incorporating the real sound into the timelapse. Gonna try that next time!

Okay so first point is, this is beautifully shot. Absolutely in every way.
Second point however, it's an incredibly generic view of "NYC". Very annoying and irritating that folks' views of NYC only friggin' consists of Manhattan and um...oh yeah, Flushing Meadows.
Typical of tourists and upper class to stray away from what NYC really consists of. Not 4-5 shots of Times Square and the Ferry views.

Great time lapse! I hope the project works out. Seeing more views of the city, along with the season changes sounds awesome!

somehow looks incredibly nervous...

What a great time lapse. I really want to get into this kind of work. Maybe I could do something of my own home town.

The tilt shift effects were bit overpowering for myself. In some shot's it looks brilliant and really focuses on the details, but other times it really distracted from the beautiful scenery.