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7 Useful DIY Photography Mods You Need to Try at Home

Leo Rosas recently made a YouTube video for The Cooperative of Photography (TheCooph) that featured 7 little DIY photography mods, including a simple GoPro time-lapse setup, DIY creative effect filters, a flash diffuser and an ND filter. While it's not the first time we've seen many of these little projects (like the GoPro kitchen-timer), the video certainly got me thinking.

Be sure to check out other DIY photo / video projects of Fstoppers here.

What's your craziest photography DIY trick? Tell us in the comments below!

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Cody Griffin Edger's picture

Love the plastic baggie with the sharpie effect. Gonna try that one out!

M K's picture

time to get a cheapo UV filter, some vaseline, and go to town! lol

MorZar's picture

I made a DIY snoot with straws and came up with nice shots. It's now in my camera bag... crushed somewhere...

Jayson Carey's picture

I did that too, and am still finding black coffee stirrers in a couple of my old bags...

captaindogcock's picture

Wow, that was lame. Why wasn't it titled "Kiddie's first photo tips"? These are Rebel-user level gimmicks, nothing more. What did you get paid to feature this?

Jayson Carey's picture

Agreed. This is just a cheap re-hash of entry-level "hacks" (and I use that term extremely loosely) that have already been documented a thousand times over.

Veldask Krofkomanov's picture

I'm not sure what the camera has to do with the types of effects this produces. There are many great photographers who use entry level DSLRs, or even cheaper. Photography is moreso defined by the way you understand and can use light, shadows, and composition than by the equipment you own.

Give me a 5 year old point and shoot, and you use a Canon 1D X/Nikon D4/D800, and I will take the better picture because of my skills in the important aspects of photography, not because of my gear.

Derfliw Nahuba's picture

Not bad at all. Check http://www.yuliaphotography.com.au/ for more!

John Craft's picture

Also check out www.99phototricks.com