Behind The Scenes On The Making Of The Hobbit

J. R. R. Tolkien's books are some of the most cherished stories in modern literature. You would have to have been living under a rock to miss the movie adaptation of The Lord of The Rings which have grossed more than 2.9 Billion dollars in revenue . Director Peter Jackson helped propel the trilogy to a whole new audience after creating three of the most successful movies of all time, and now he is busy at work with the classic Tolkien story The Hobbit. This behind the scenes videos features Peter showing you a lot of the preproduction for the film including many of the props, sets, actors, and costumes.

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Remy Musser's picture

They could have made at least 10 Billion dollars in revenue by shooting the movie with and Iphone4

Tammy Gentry's picture

OH MY I can not wait! Peter Jackson has the vision for the Hobbit. The way it should be done.

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Super super excited for this :-)

looking forward to seeing this.. its a pretty big deal that a guy like peter jackson is moving away from film and going all digital

All they really needed was stand-ins, not real actors, a few $30 reflectors and a bit of photoshop and possibly after effects. Why break the bank when you don't have to?

ewww, it looks like a foot, or an arm.. icky. haha

OMG I can't breath I'm so excited.

Two Epic M's.
Though, the monitor was displaying a non-epic HUD, anyone have any idea what they used? And there appeared to be far more wires running around the camera rig for what should be hooked up.
Though what can I say, I've never shot a 3D feature with two Epics.

@David_Keller: It's not really moving away from film when it's simply a stop difference in latitude, 5K, and less grain than many film stocks.

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FYI, you banner link for ' ' is wrong. It goes to a url farm instead of where it is intended.

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I need to go read the book again after this. Great post!