Behind The Scenes With is South Africa's leading online retailer. Follow the brand as they unveil their new marketing spokesmen or cavespokesman or perhaps it's spokescaveman. Watch as you meet the marketing team as they prep makeup and show a bit of outtakes and product photography with the characters of the new ad campaign. 

It's a cute behind the scenes video, but for some reason a nagging in the back of mind tells me that this is sort of familiar. Roast duck, with the Mango Salsa, anyone?

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Leading online retailer? Never heard of them until now.

 Do you live in South Africa? Maybe that's why.

Er, yes I do. Why else would I have posted the comment I did??

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On their website's 'about us' page it says they are the leading online store in South Africa. I also googled about online stores in South Africa and they popped up, as well. BUT being that you actually live there you would know better than me. :)

Most South Africans only really use, but then online retailing isn't as ubiquitous in South Africa as the rest of the world so it all depends on how much you shop online. However Takealot (previously Take2) IS one of South Africa's leading online retailers but that's a really small group of shops anyway.

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Hmm...the jury is out

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Never had of them too, and I live in South Africa. Wonder who paid for this, cheap and cheesy!

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I've met Nick at the Chabad miracle drive dinner, he is hilarious!

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How original. I don't think I've ever see such a blatant rip off in my life. I hope they get sued beyond belief. 

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it says its a private video and needs a password.