[BTS Video] 13:59 - Short film testing the Canon C300

Prior to the official launch of the Canon C300, Canon sent pre-production samples to a bunch of cinematographers for real-world testing. Mario Feil was one of those film makers and once he got the call from Canon confirming his sample was on the way, he only had one day for pre-production, 2 days to shoot, and 2 days of post-production to get his film done on time.

The video has some of the best footage I've seen out of the C300 especially the low-light stuff which looks to have been shot in mostly available street light with stunning results. The C300 is just now beginning to get purchased by end-users, rental houses, production companies, and indie film makers and it's receiving rave reviews. It may not be as over-the-top as the Red Scarlet, but when you take into account ease of use, size, battery life, post-production work flow, & lens availability it becomes hard to beat for documentary shooters, indie filmakers, and high-end event videographers. I got to use one for the first time last Friday and I'm officially obsessed. I will have one. You can bet on that. You can pre-order the Canon C300 from B&H by clicking here.

    Behind the Scenes Video:

    Final Video:

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Great work all round, look forward to shooting my next short with this camera..

Garrett Graham's picture

Looked fun and footage looked very good!

I'm just looking forward to renting an ef mount version so I can use my own lenses with it. I'm very excited about this camera.

Very good! It's funny, in footage you can see the Nikon logo at 1:14s ;-)