BTS: Yellowbird's 360 Degree Video

I was just informed that there is a behind the scenes video on how the Doritos 360 Degree video was created. If you found that last post as interesting as I did, you will appreciate watching how they filmed it. What's going to be tough about shooting 360 video is that everything has to be done in one take. If you are as poor good as I am in front of the camera then it probably won't be a problem :)

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Not a fan of the song personally, but the technology and film clip are awesome. Interactive music clips, something new, thumbs up.

The 360 video (Spherical) recording technology and crew for Doritos Late Night were actually provided by TX. The recordings were made using their SphereVision3 portable system. If you would like to know more about the system used see or for other spherical video systems see