[BTSV] Filming Skate, Wake, Snow, and Kiteboaring With The Red Epic

Adam Boozer, one of South Carolina's most taleted videographers, is currently working on a project that has the potential to become the most epic kiteboarding video ever filmed. To promote his Kickstarter project Adam filmed a quick promo with what he calls "The Gnar Bar." Adam shot a skateboarder, wakeboarder, snowboarder, and kiteboarder all hitting this oversized pipe with the Red Epic.

Check out the finished product below

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Anthony N.'s picture

I can't imagine the shot attached to the bottom of the skateboard was with the epic, right?

Had to be a Gopro

More likely a ContourHD. They fit the board better and don't affect the rotation nearly as much since it's closer to the deck.

Mike Folden's picture

I'm glad I watched the final video. Way dope.