Bullet Time Camera Technology In MLB And NFL

Bullet Time added to Major League Baseball and the National Football League is as cool as it sounds.

Replay Technologies has put together what they are calling FreeD aka free dimensional video which installs and sets up a number of cameras along the ballparks and captures footage from all angles compiling them into a smooth, almost 360-degree pan. 

The company installed the rig in at the New York Yankee Stadium a few months back and the resulting footage is pretty to look at. The view goes from home plate to where the batter makes contact with the ball and back out to an outfield view and vice versa. The possibilities are endless with this technology and should be exciting to see what transpires from it.

According to The Wrap, NBC will use this technology with 24 cameras in each endzones during the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants game on on September 8. The result should be a 360-degree Matrix style bullet time replays of the touchdowns and any play near the goal line. I will be glued to the TV to see what they do with it.

Via - Image Resource & Replay Technologies

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Justin Haugen's picture

I hope the refs have access to the footage when a replay challenge is implemented. This utility and coolness of this is amazing!

Aaron Lindberg's picture

I hope so as well, would almost eliminate replay mistakes with the 360 footage.

Edmond Yap's picture

I like how the commentators have no idea how the tech works and explains it by saying it's from a guy running around with a big camera.

EnticingHavoc's picture

Like every super-uber special effect. What starts out to be cool, awesome and breathtaking (Matrix in 1999 !!!) becomes a nuisance when overused and ubiquitous.
It's like the wickedly cool visual effects on your latest smartphone iteration. Can't get enough the first day but drives me insane after a week because it slows down efficiency considerably.

btw. Where is all the cool 3D stuff promised 3 years ago ? Fallen into oblivion because it sucks. So does the bullet effect.

Ben .'s picture

I can see this being entertaining for all of 30 seconds but getting used 1,456,324,647,256,236 times in a game.

stefano druetta's picture

«how do they do it?»
«big camera. running around.»
commenters :D

stefano druetta's picture

the guy who voted down has very little sense of humor.

Greg O'Hanlon's picture

It's nice to see the replay using this effect on occasion if it brings merit, but most of the time, I prefer to see the replay in real-time speed.

Anonymous's picture

LOL... I can bet that cameras.... big.
hahah love it!

Richard James's picture

HEY USA, Welcome to the NHL. We've been doing this for like 5 seasons already.
There are other sports other then Football and Baseball