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Canon Brings C-Log to the 5D Mark IV Via Service Upgrade and New Model

Canon Brings C-Log to the 5D Mark IV Via Service Upgrade and New Model

Filmmakers will be pleased to hear that Canon will now be offering the option to upgrade the 5D Mark IV to include Canon Log starting in July. In addition, a new model will be available with the feature pre-installed beginning at the same time.

The 5D Mark IV has been a generally well received camera, though many have lamented the lack of a Log feature, which would spread the corresponding input/output luminosity function, allowing for a greater dynamic range to be captured and enabling increased flexibility and color grading in post. Canon has announced that such a feature will now be available as part of an unspecified hardware upgrade costing $99, requiring the camera to be sent to a service center. The feature will also be built into the camera starting then, though Canon has set the MSRP of that version at $3,599 vs. $3,499 for the current version, so it does appear that there will be a separation or the 5D Mark IV will jump $100 in price, which should appease early adopters who paid for the camera without the feature. However, the camera still outputs 8-bit 4:2:0 with the new C-Log mode. Nonetheless, it should be a worthwhile upgrade for many filmmakers working with the 5D Mark IV.

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1. Will this be available for the 1DX?
2. Will the format still be motion JPEG?

1. No word on that.
2. None of the formats will change.

Any word on the rest of the supposed features in the next firmware update? This alone is alright, but the other features will be more useful, in my humble opinion anyway.

No word yet, fingers crossed, though!

I agree

This offering from Canon seems so stingy compared to Sony's latest release...