Check Out This Behind the Scenes Footage of 'The Conjuring'

Today my Facebook Newsfeed has been bombarded with posts about people going to see 'The Conjuring'. Released today, the supernatural thriller is getting great reviews from critics and viewers alike. Check out  this b-roll and behind the scenes footage of the movie. With James Wan behind the helm the camera work is nothing short of amazing. 



When asked about the camera work in an interview by  James Wan had this to say:

"I think it's the opposite of found footage. I don't think you have such crazy camera work in found footage — or at least such controlled camerawork. With The Conjuring, I really wanted to create classical cinema-style film-making, pure cinema as it were. But I love my camera work, and in this case I really wanted the camera work to put the audience into the mindset of the characters, so when the camera starts to spin out of control, it's my representation of what the characters are going through, and I want the audience to physically feel that as well."- James Wan

Read the full interview here: James Wan says The Conjuring is “the opposite” of found footage horror

Via: Youtube
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Awesome. Can't wait to see it.

Awesome! Not sure I will see. I have become a wimp!!

Saw the film yesterday and was very disappointed. Pretty mediocre on most levels. Tried to combine documentary and dramatic presentation, but the writers/director couldn't make up their minds. Could I have my two hours back, please?!

I'm curious to know what your top 3 favorite horror films are.

Alien, Child's Play, The Sound of Music

This wasn't b-roll btw.