Complex's Shots Fired With Zack Arias

Complex's Shots Fired With Zack Arias

Complex Magazine has started a new video series on their blog called Shots Fired. For their debut episode they feature Zack Arias and follow him through Atlanta while he does his street photography thing. I have to give so much respect to Zack (and really all street photographers) for going out and boldly shooting photos of total strangers. The thought of getting in an awkward conversation/confrontation with a total stranger is not something I think I would enjoy.

From Complex:

 “If you ask 10 different photographers what makes a great photograph, you’ll surely wind up with 10 different answers. However, there are three constants: a subject, a photographer, and a camera. For our new series, Shots Fired, we wanted to put the hottest cameras in the hands of the best photographers and let them loose to shoot whatever subjects their hearts desired. 

First up we have Zack Arias, an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta who describes his style as “simple, straightforward, bold, classic, true, and straight from camera.” His work has been featured in TIME, USA Today, and AFP. He’s also done some work for Sony Music, BMI, and Elektra. His resume is serious. You can head to his personal site to learn more.

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Zack had a nice post on his blog recently about shooting street and how he deals with folks:

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Thank you for that! 

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Zack is AWESOME!!!

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Nicely done Mr. A.

I've never understood why Arias is considered a good photographer...

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 maybe because he IS a good photographer...