Contest Entry: Keith Bradshaw Shoots A Music Video

Some of you may remember Keith Bradshaw and his DIY Steadicam Merlin. Well Keith is at it again with a few DIY techniques and some very creative video ideas. I think Keith's music video and BTS video are probably the most involved video of all of the contest submissions. Even if you are not shooting music videos I think there is something to take away from this video. Keith also knocks out a great photograph in the middle of the BTS video as well. I'm sure you guys will have lots of questions about this so feel free to leave a comment below and be sure to click the full post to watch the full music video.

The Making of "Mr. Wonderful" from Keith Bradshaw on Vimeo.

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Waow! Amazing!

Definitely one of the most entertaining, not to mention informational, submissions yet!

This is FANTASTIC. So, informative .

Hello, very nice, but as a french, i must say that it looks very inspired from the work of the director Michel Gondry

That is pure creativity ! The dream scene and the one with the projector on the walls of the city buildings are way too cool. And the BTS video is really informative, gives a lot of details. Good job !

Simply awesome, brilliant!!

This without a doubt, NEEDS to win. Extremely entertaining and beautifully done. I love how every aspect of the shoot was explained and how the viewer gets to see the shot directly afterward. Can't say enough about this video. Keith for the win.

HAHA, this guy is the macguyver of music videos.

Loved it! Very easy to watch and informative!

This is unreal...

Best video so far... professional, imaginative and innovative - pleasure to see!

Von Wong's picture

The dream scene is the best!!!

- Ben Von Wong

Larry Sanders's picture

In the top three of the contest by far. My only complaint is there was only one still in the video.

Just when I thought we saw the best videos already, this one comes in. I think we have a winner.

This is wonderful!

Great job! The mechanic and artiste seldom are the same!

this is actually super amazing

Whe best music vidio I have seen. Bar none. Great creativity and imagination. Great music.

Great video...clever, humorous and interesting to watch. Catchy song, cool production!