[Crazy] Canon 7D Frozen, Shot, And Set On Fire In Durability Test

The guys over at DigitalRev wanted to test how durable the Canon 7D is, so they put it through some extreme tests to see if the shutter would still work and record images to the CF card. Ice, fire, airsoft guns, flights of stairs, and more. Check out the video to see if the 7D holds up to the beating. You definitely do not want to try this at home! Leave a comment and let me know the worst thing you've done to your DSLR.

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I love Digital Rev, they provide great entertainment for the photography loving masses. =)

Rafal Pikul's picture

I love my 7D even more now :)

Mihai Radulescu's picture

Under these circumstances, it's "funny" that I just got my 7D back from the repair shop, apparently the damage being caused by mechanical shock... and I don't remember even tapping it against anything, all the shock it sustained was riding in the trunk inside a pro camera bag :|

yes but will it blend....

Curse you :D

Patryk T Molczan's picture

Wow! I'm a canon man. Although I always liked Nikon construction better. I can only imagine a test on an slr like the Nikon F5!! But I must say I love the 5D Mark III for the feel of the 7D.

Robert Johnson's picture

While its amazing, as a starving artist (like many others) and father of a child with special needs money isn't exactly growing on trees.  I would KILL for a few minutes with a 7D or D700....and they destroyed one for "fun"... guess its nice to get stuff for free...you don't have to care what happens to it.

It's painful to watch but I always trusted canon that's why I have the 600D