A Cry for a Built In Menu Search!

A Cry for a Built In Menu Search!

How well do you know the menu systems of your editing software? There is always that one thing you have to google to find where it is hiding in the menus. Why can't these software makers design a menu search on the menu bar? It would be faster than hunting for that damn liquify tool. Just type it in and let it populate.  I have hunted for to long! Would this help your work flow?  Am I just that much of a noob? Can these big software companies help us out?

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It's built into OS X under the help menu... Don't know if Windows has such functionality though.

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I want it on the bar! I don't want to click another menu when you have the room. 

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The OS X idea would work the same.. you still have to click to type into the menu idea you suggest.. so same amount of clicks as the help option.. click and type straight away.

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Why would they leave this out for windows? Do all the adobe products have this?... Lightroom and Premier ?

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 It's a feature of OS X not Adobe's software, it's available in every program on the Mac no matter who the vendor is.

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Great feature, I was thinking of designing an autoit script you could run to do this. Problem is I would have to research and write a script for every menu item per program. I am just too lazy. 

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Nah your just a noob ;) lol

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It's already there.. You just have to click Help, and type in the menu you're looking for! For example, if you type: "Liquify" and hover over the help suggestion, it will automatically open the overlying menu, and show you where Liquify is!

That's a great feature of the Unity Desktop that comes with Ubuntu. It's a native, global features for all program menus. And IMHO that's the right way to go - it should be a consistent OS feature.

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I have my ubuntu up right now and do love it, app launcher is nice

 Too bad there is no Lightroom and no Photoshop available for it.

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That would be awesome. There would be less need for keyboard shortcuts memorization. 

its not memorization, you learn the shortcuts by USING THE SOFTWARE

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Let's post this on Adobe's Form. This is great Idea. They should also enable creating custom shortcut for toolbar like toggling between auto select layer etc.

One day, Photoshop® will hopefully move from layer based editing to node based software such as the like of Sonic Foundry Nuke. Then it will be easy to implement the filter just by typing it in, as well as taking the non-destructive capability to a whole new level.

It's already built in Mac OS X -_-

why u need this quick search? i think its not necessary )

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Blender has this on every context-menu and it's very very useful, especially since Blender has more options/tools than I've had hot dinners ;)

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 PS stuck with its interface in 90ties

there is one, are you too lazy to click on the help button located mere millimeters from your proposed search bar. learn your menus and shortcuts and photoshop will be your friend, rely on a search bar and you'll never learn the software.

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Sorry Ryan I found out that Mac OSX has this and W7 doesn't. Things are changing and menus need to be redesigned. 

if it weren't for Bill Gates.... man would already be on mars.... there would be a cure for aids.... and there would not be high world-wide unemployment....... :/