[Failure] Skycam Falls From Sky During Football Game

If you've watched an american football game, you've seen those cool shots from high up in the air. They come from a camera called the Skycam which was actually invented by the same people who designed the Steadicam used in movie productions. It's basically a remote camera controlled by four computer driven suspension cables. But what happens when everything goes wrong and the camera comes crashing to the ground? Well that's exactly what happened during the 2011 Insight College Bowl Game featuring Iowa and Oklahoma. Luckily the camera missed landing on any of the players but it sure did come close. Watch the close call below and then view the second video below to see a behind the scenes segment on how the Skycam works.

Behind The Scenes: How Does The Skycam Work?

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i want to see the footage from the camera as it fell!

Brian Moore's picture

i do to!

...soviet satellites falling from the sky... ????? :DDD